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she never

"How did that happen, Beluchi?" the maths teacher asks.



"You're not even pronouncing my first name right, and I like my middle name better. Martin."

"All right, Martin. How did you get this bruise?"

"Ran into a doorknob."

"What about that one?"

"Tripped. I have velcro shoes now though and Mum thinks that might help."

"What about the cut on your knee?"

"I tripped then too only I was holding scissors."

"Be- Martin, you realize this is a lot of injuries, right?"

"Yeah, I know."

"Is anyone at home hurting you, Martin?"


"Is your mum, or maybe an aunt or uncle or grandparent -"


"Now, calm down and don't shout, it's -"

"She never! She would never! I fall! Ask the phys ed teacher, ask anybody, she never ever! Not even if I drive her barmy staying up late reading or not eating my spinach never don't you dare talk about my mum like that -"

"Martin -"

"And don't interrupt me!"

"Martin. I had to ask," says the maths teacher. "I'll talk to the phys ed teacher, okay? And the school nurse - do you fall at school, too?"

"Sure. I walk. I got the cut at school, I don't have to scissor anything at home and -"


"Don't interrupt me it's rude -"

"Martin, stop talking back, or I'll send you to the headmaster's office."

Martin snorts derisively. "Can I go? My mum never."

"Yes," sighs the teacher. "You can go have recess now."

Martin opens the door out of the office. That was probably a little louder than the teacher had originally intended; any stragglers still in the classroom and not on the playground may have heard the entire thing.
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There's one boy who happened to hear the entire thing, because he needs to make sure all of his books and papers and pencils are all in their right places, just so. He frowns at Martin in a - confused sort of way. Not upset, just thoughtful.

"Are you all right?" he asks, when his red pencil has gone to the second pencil holder (not the third, thank you, Ziva once borrowed it and his highlighter and she put them back incorrectly).
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"Yeah, I'm new." He sounds extremely happy about this. "I"m Darian. Hi."
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"Because I don't have to live with my mum anymore. So I live here now, with my dad."
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"They're not divorced," corrects Darian. "And I don't want to live with my mum ever."
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"It's all right!" he assures.
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"Well my first dad was defective so I picked up another at the market. Then we binned my mum because Ziva and I didn't want to live with her."
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Giggling appears to be the appropriate response! Darian smiles back.

"Me, too! No, we didn't actually buy him, he just - sort of. Showed up. And then became our dad after lots of paperwork. No Tesco's."
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"Yes! Though, he's missing the magic bag, or the - actually the magic anything."
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"It's really a bummer, too, I would have loved figuring out the magic bag."
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"Maybe there's an entire city in there!"
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"How else would she find things, if she keeps lots of stuff in there. They would have to be tiny people, though, to fit in the bag." Pause. "Or at least thin."
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"But how do they get in the bag? Were they just born there? Is it a bag filled with people and leprechauns?"
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"Like with the penguins? ... That makes sense. Maybe it goes to the place with the penguins?"
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"Maybe only in their own dimension?" says Darian dubiously. "I don't know. I'm not a cartoon expert. Or a penguin expert."
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"Okay, you are now my penguin expert. Did it look like they could hold things?"
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"I think someone would find it worrying if they carried baby people around on their feet. Do the baby penguins find it strange? How do you walk when you're carrying a baby anything on your foot?" He looks down at a foot. "... I don't think my feet are big enough."
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Darian inspects his tummy.

"They must get help from the leprechauns," he says sagely.
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"Yeah, and that's why they help out. Because they have hands and the penguins don't. And they're friends and help each other out."
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"... Dance?" says Darien dubiously. "I don't know, you're the penguin expert, what do penguins do?"
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"No, it doesn't." Darian thinks deeply on the possible uses of flippers. "... Maybe they use their flippers to fan the leprechauns? If they're hot or tired."
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"Oh! Oh, you're right, hm. That's not it, then. ... Should we ask a teacher?"
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"Okay! What am I the expert in? I feel like I should be the expert in something."
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"I will be the expert in leprechauns," says Darian with utmost sincerity.
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"They need to know where the rainbows are so they can find their gold, which is magic. Maybe the penguins look?"